Sunday, November 20, 2011


After a long time I decided to start document things I'm doing with my son, but I'm not a writer but I do like to talk about things I'm doing with him and toys and things that helps with his therapy and overall with children education. I think there is a lack of information of parents how play really helps the children in any stage of development.
So Im going to review things I'm doing with him, books I'm reading to help him, tips, diet, games, play anything that related to our daily work on our Journey.
I don't want to fix my son or cure him, because in my opinion Autism is not a decease nor he is broke. But we want to help his brain to organize in way that help him to be independent in the future as a grown person. That's my goal for Lucas. He will always be different and think different and that's ok as long as he is Happy.
So I hope you participate with me sharing what you discover.


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