Friday, December 21, 2012

Toy Review Busy Farm Lego Duplo Read & Build

This toy is great for that initial phase of play skills more help in how to teach this toys coming soon. Thanks Jana

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Toys on a Budget part 2

Continuing the post that we have started for toys under $20. Hope this will inspire you to have some very good toys without hurting your wallet.

One of my favorite places Music Together just have 2 singalong story books based on their music.I'm a believer in the power of music and my son did music together for more than 2 years we got started when he was 4months old and I believe this is why he loves music so much.

You can check them out HERE they are $8.95 with a music download included.

Bath time is a time you can use to teach language and pretend play because while in the tub they can't really run from you ;)

 So explore sets like this one that are affordable and they can have fun specially if bath time is something not enjoyable.
In my case I also have this one of course which my son really enjoys and makes bath time more fun for him

I say things like : let's give Thomas a bath, put Thomas in the track, oh no Thomas fell in the water.

This one is a lot of fun as well

Lucas Speech Therapist has this one and it's fun

I love this set because the tea pot makes real tea pouring sound it's really great 

Of course other cheap option are books, music cds, there's a variety of good ones on amazon I like Lauren Berkner, Baby genius the wiggles and they are all usually under $10.

Hope this inspired you to find good toys that can teach your child without having to worry about price.