Saturday, November 24, 2012

Toys on a Budget for Christmas Part 1

I thought it would be good to put a small list of toys that are really educational for children with special needs or not in a budget. In general toys have a tendency to be expensive but if we can find educational toys on a budget that means you can buy even more to help your children.

Blocks are great I'm finally getting started to buy some blocks but they can be kind of expensive, I think megabloks are great because they are not too smallgreat for motor skills and exercising imagination.

I think this 2 are great to get started and specially if the sets have cars and people or animals that get's the set a little more interesting. And I think they have great prices.

Magnetic sets and books are great to get the conversation and speech going plus working on learning some concepts of real life as farm animal in their environment.

These sets are great price also

These are great and both under $10 these so much speech you can try to work on these sets.

The next ones are great for match and fine motor skills plus to work on taking turns and play together with other people. I love these a more detail review soon both also under $10

This one is great for Fine Motor skills as kids have to use their pointers.

Music nothing is best to make children learn and specially if you pair music with books on tapes: books with holes. I've learned from my son's teacher, he is loving it and they make the reading so much more fun and for Autistic kids is the only thing that catches their attention.

And they are under $6.00 and you can buy even used cheaper on Amazon.

I'm a huge fan of sticker pads they can teach fine motor skills, speech taking turns so much ! And they are about $6.00 with endless activities and they are reusable.

Love the make a face ones they are great to teach parts of the face and talk about facial expressions.

I'll come back with some more in another post as well some things for parents.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Trying to set up routine at home

My constant struggle of balance at home is not making my son think that he is in school but at the same time not just letting him be with his favorites electronics  all the time, they are great and help but he get's too focused on his own world. Now that the storm has passed and we have power again I will start showing what I'm trying to do at home to create a balance so he keeps working and learning and we creating that independency that we want.

We are  going to start a Independent Activity Schedule, more pretend activities, direct lead activities with music and scarves or bean bags, music and imitation.

I believe our kids don't need a miracle pill but they do need a lot of work so they can learn to interact with us and the world around them. Ipad and Iphone are great but they don't interact with the world a whole lot while playing with those.

More to come.