Monday, May 6, 2013

Road to Learn numbers with Number Sequence

 Something that is easy for kids to learn is to count, is pretty much a memorization thing. My son is doing a pretty good job at saying the numbers he got the memorization down, but once that part is done I think than starts the hard job, knowing the sequence of numbers and understanding numbers value.
I started to shop and create files to help to introduce him that concept. This goal by the way is on his EIP. EIP goals pretty much just talk about saying numbers but is equally important to make sure that your child understand the numbers.

So I created this file

Which is Vol 2 and you can see the Vol. 1 HERE. Which will be 28% off for two days with code TAD13 starting tomorrow.

I got this cookie jar very cute. You can find  many cookie jars toys but this one I liked for several reasons: it has 2 games and counts the cookies also the actual cookies has a number printed on one side and the other side the quantity. So it's a toy that can start with the basic level and last for more.

Counting bears is great for that as well and also working on matching colors with the 5 cups that come with it.

I hope that gives you some ideas.