Sunday, November 20, 2011

Flour Box - Sensory

Well textures that is something Lucas struggles with, everything that has to do with touching and putting his hands and fingers. We started with a dry curly pasta box, also we have a  bean box and now flour, at first he gagged a lot, cried didn't want to touch it. But that's why it's good to have a OT to show you how to introduce this kind of freighting activity for him.
So to take the pressure out of him we say: Mama is going to play with it. So I started to transfer the fruits from the flour to a empty container and saying the name of the fruits and vegetables. He started to pay attention and got closer, so I asked for help to put the fruits and vegetables back in the flour.
And we kept asking him back and forth well he was very disgusted about it. But the important thing is he did it and I think what counts is to take the pressure out of him.

Tip: Sensory boxes are good for any level, if your child doesn't have any sensory issues it's a great activity for speech and develop even more the sensory of your child.


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