Saturday, July 6, 2013

Good Books to hep you Autistic Child at Home

I'm always in the look for new books to help me at home. More and more I go to workshops or talk with parents I see there is a huge lack of education from the parents understanding not just the way Autistic kids learn but also understanding what ABA is, what Speech therapy is, how to deal with behavior and so on.
Something that many parents don't get is that kids with Autism learn different and have different approach to learning.

So with that in mind when we see books is not one fit all because of course even Autistic kids have different personalities. But the more  we can educate ourselves more we can help our children to succeed in their own way.

A good way to start is making a checking list of what your child knows and what he doesn't know.

To some people visuals are hard but there are books that help a lot with that with cds with  ready made materials for you. Specially to help getting reading started a topic that is really hard to autistic kids.

I read many books about ABA but this is a really good one that explains the steps of ABA easier than other ones.

I spend a lot of money on books but much of what I know is in part from these books. I think they are a  investment  not just for parents but for the child as well.

I also have a new file at Teachers Pay Teachers: Learning the Alphabet Basic Level Vol 1

Check it out HERE.