Thursday, June 14, 2012

Good Books part 1

I will do a tab later for all the books in this reviews so everyone can find all the books in one place.

Constantly I go to bookstores to see what's new or search on Amazon, one thing is for sure now the Autism community has many books to choose from but also there is a lot of bad stuff emerging, people writing stuff without no research or  any thing to back up what they are saying.
As I read more I will always do more reviews but so far these are the ones I like the best so far.

The Out-of-sync child is one of the best, it was recommended by me when we have our diagnoses. And as I started to read I started all the time yes he does that and that. Very good information and great tips.

Most of kids with Autism has Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)  and this book is the best so far out there, a lot of good information and you started to understand why your child does the things that he/she does. A amazing book.

After you understand what SPD  is , it's great to know how you can play with your child but at the same address the problems they are having and help them.

These kind of books have so many good ideas when you start to read books like this, you start to learn what activities help and create your own and know also what activities aren't good.

And this one is huge and you will learn a lot I still browse here and there to refresh my mind.
If you are new to Autism I think if you want to buy books I would suggest more reference books that explain the disorders and not give their opinions ..

I'll be back with more ..

Sunday, June 10, 2012

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