Helpful Links and Resources

Here is a list of links that in some way educated me or helped me with tools in my son's therapy. Also educational sites about Autism

Sensory Check List - very important checklist for everyone

Teach me to talk - great resource she has books and dvds and so much more.

Teach me to talk podcast - Laura has a great podcast I myself called in 2 times  a lot of great info go to itunes and listen all the extensive library.

Children's Specialized HospitalMake friends with Autism is a good program from Children's Specialized Hospital tons of pdf and video with great info.

Brain Child Nutritional - Vitamins

Rethink Autism - They use another kind of ABA what most school uses but if you don't have access to Early Intervention  is a good way to learn.

Autism File - A magazine that was made by a mom now has a great website.

StarFall - great website with alphabet, phonetics, reading  and so much more.

Gluten Free Casein Free .com - if you doing GF diet this is a good resource.

ShoeBox - great concept of activities for children with autism just a little expensive

Gym for kids - if you have the space how great is for the sensory exercises.

Makes and Takes - Craft ideas for kids

Do2Learn great source for pecs and social schedule , you can buy pdf for pecs or subscribe to their software I got a couple of their pecs pdfs plus they have some for free.

Amazon Mom Free Prime - Prime is amazon free delivery in 2 days, if you subscribe yourself as a mom you get free prime for 4 months plus 15%off subscriptions of products, and every purchase related to the child increases your prime membership.

Different Learning Store - Great products to ABA and pecs

Speech  EZ Apraxia program

Pocket full of therapy catalog - gives you nice ideas of toys for therapy for you to buy and search in
other places.

Beyond Play- another catalog that one of Lucas OT recommended  many great things for therapy at home.

Learning Pages

Jambav - Online games for children with Special Needs.

Enchanted Learning - printable activities

Ipad related links:

Speech Pathology Apps

Ipad apps Spreadsheet for people with Autism - this blog put together a amazing resource if you have the iPad.

Moms with Apps - a lot of reviews and every Friday a app free or with a big discount.

Apps for Children with Special News - He has a lot of video reviews but they also do a lot of fundraisers and give a lot of iPads