Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Breaking The Ice

So we just had black Friday and although my wish list is huge for therapy ideas for Lucas it's hard to see any of this toys in Target black Friday deals, but browsing around there late that afternoon I found one that indeed was on my list. Simple toy again but it's fun that requires 2 people to play together.

The big thing here is cause and effect because he knocks the ice and he knows at some point the whole thing will come apart. And also required from him some coordination with his hand, in the beginning he got a little frustrated not being able to know how to put the ice together before we start hamming it. But for now I figure I do the whole thing and ask him to come and play. He really than started to enjoy.

Words you can teach : Ice , hammer, break, down, fall. I usually repeat a lot like hammer hammer, the ice ice ice. Asking if he wants to do it again and more.

It's a cheap and fun toy.


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