Thursday, August 9, 2012

Loving Lampposts Movie Review

When I was on my Amazon prime instant video browsing movies this days I decided to search Autism, to see what kind of movies they had and I saw this movie and got me intrigued it had great reviews. And I'm glad I watched so glad that I thought why I didn't watch this movie 2 yrs ago.
I think this movie is essencial to every single family that received the news of Autism, specially the recent diagnoses. 
It talks about the perspective of a father, he talks with Autistic Adults, covers science and the exploitation of what Autism become a profitable business to a lot of people. But what I loved is he showing parents that regards what happened believed in their children and their children have a voice sometimes not verbal, or sometimes not so outspoken as people think but they know what's going on and to see that was fantastic, this movie let me know I'm not a lone there are a lot of parents that don't live their life telling lies to themselves about cures but rather love and accepting the child for them to be the best they can be.
I love a Autist man which is married and have kids saying what helped him was Early intervention, music and above all love and patience. 
I already email my former Early Intervention team, my son's hospital Autism director program  and as many people I can because I so believe this movie is essencial to parents to start their journey and to do they own decisions from there.
Totally recommend !

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