Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Breaking The Ice

So we just had black Friday and although my wish list is huge for therapy ideas for Lucas it's hard to see any of this toys in Target black Friday deals, but browsing around there late that afternoon I found one that indeed was on my list. Simple toy again but it's fun that requires 2 people to play together.

The big thing here is cause and effect because he knocks the ice and he knows at some point the whole thing will come apart. And also required from him some coordination with his hand, in the beginning he got a little frustrated not being able to know how to put the ice together before we start hamming it. But for now I figure I do the whole thing and ask him to come and play. He really than started to enjoy.

Words you can teach : Ice , hammer, break, down, fall. I usually repeat a lot like hammer hammer, the ice ice ice. Asking if he wants to do it again and more.

It's a cheap and fun toy.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

More Sensory Boxes

So if you do a search on sensory boxes on Pinterest you get lots of great ideas. I decided to revamp Lucas 's sensory activities because he was getting tired of the past and dry beans boxes and he is pretty good about touching them.

So I had this Thai rice and it's more more sushi a friend gave me but I didn't use, so the texture would be challenge for him because of different colors and shapes so to do more interesting I decided to put some fun elements and on this ones all about frogs
I found this great tubes on Amazon

Still a lot of left so I will do another box with lentils  mixing this frogs and the insect tube

Sensory boxes are  great for kids having special needs or not, not just work their senses but also you can do pretend and teach words.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Not so fun boots

We went today to pick up his Lmafos boots, or something like that is a very complicated name for  a cast. He will have to use those at night to help with the distention in the muscle of his feet. Because his tip toe walking. The PT want us to use at night after he falls asleep but after I saw the guy putting on him I not really sure he won't wake up with  so many straps to attach, but I'm glad that he said he thinks Lucas will use this for just a year or less because he saw worse conditions of this particular problem, let's hope. My DH said we should first give it a try at night and then see what happens. I guess I will let this for him to try :)


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Flour Box - Sensory

Well textures that is something Lucas struggles with, everything that has to do with touching and putting his hands and fingers. We started with a dry curly pasta box, also we have a  bean box and now flour, at first he gagged a lot, cried didn't want to touch it. But that's why it's good to have a OT to show you how to introduce this kind of freighting activity for him.
So to take the pressure out of him we say: Mama is going to play with it. So I started to transfer the fruits from the flour to a empty container and saying the name of the fruits and vegetables. He started to pay attention and got closer, so I asked for help to put the fruits and vegetables back in the flour.
And we kept asking him back and forth well he was very disgusted about it. But the important thing is he did it and I think what counts is to take the pressure out of him.

Tip: Sensory boxes are good for any level, if your child doesn't have any sensory issues it's a great activity for speech and develop even more the sensory of your child.



After a long time I decided to start document things I'm doing with my son, but I'm not a writer but I do like to talk about things I'm doing with him and toys and things that helps with his therapy and overall with children education. I think there is a lack of information of parents how play really helps the children in any stage of development.
So Im going to review things I'm doing with him, books I'm reading to help him, tips, diet, games, play anything that related to our daily work on our Journey.
I don't want to fix my son or cure him, because in my opinion Autism is not a decease nor he is broke. But we want to help his brain to organize in way that help him to be independent in the future as a grown person. That's my goal for Lucas. He will always be different and think different and that's ok as long as he is Happy.
So I hope you participate with me sharing what you discover.