Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mega Bloks Learn and Build + Free Sequence Cards

I saw this on sale at Target and could not resist. I think it's a great way to start using sequence blocks and also for the kids that are on the first stages of knowing words and spelling. 
Of course with Autistic kids that have low play skills I think is good to start with blocks that are straight forward with directions and play, what I mean is that with this toy there is not a lot of pretend involved but rather is about getting used to letters and words.
But even better is to have sequence cards specially to low level play skills kids like my son.
Once they learn to use the sequence cards that can be one activity they can use on their independent activity schedule.
The only bad thing is that I wish we have enough blocks to not use two letters in one block and two designs together that can be confusing but I guess you can buy two sets. (I didn't know that would be that way).

I did sequence for all the 3 letter worlds: cat,dog,car,bus

Once you print them I used a simple picture album for target less than $2 

the important thing is when the word changes from cat to dog for example let a blank space between them to make it clear the activity stop and other start.

- At put just the letters you are using. Very simple than as the child gets better start putting together with other letter so the child can look for the correct ones.

- You have to use the same colors as in the pictures.

You can get all the pictures to do the sequence for cat, dog, car and bus HERE.
More to come later.


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