Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Teaching the meaning of Numbers

We all want our kids to count with Autistic kids something they grab really fast is the memorization of speaking number sequence like 1,2,3...
But the real work is making them understand the value of numbers and also put the numbers in the correct order by themselves.
So many times they know how to count, but if you scramble numbers do they know to put the numbers in order?
I started to think about things we could do at home.
So I did 2 files and one of them free which is a great companion.
The first one is Learning Numbers 1-2 Basic Level vol 1 which first is matching numbers, matching the values of the numbers and more advanced the child creates the value herself.

You can check more samples  HERE.

I did a FREE File Learning to count Mats vol 1 FREE which is a great companion.
It's basically mats that you can use objects like buttons, beads, anything for the child to put the right
amount on the mats and as a bonus I've included 2 color match sorting mat.

I did as vol 1 because I hope to do some more. Download FREE HERE.

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