Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Play Sequence and FREE file

 I 've discovered this new blog from a SLP browsing podcasts at iTunes. Her podcasts are short but very informative and one of the episodes caught my attention because is about the stuff I love to research and strive for my son which is: play. This particular one was about play sequence which is very important for kids with Autism. Play skills is something in the field I like to research it never really crossed my mind how imagination, curiosity are things so normal for us but it's such a struggle for kids with autism. And many people have no idea including parents that things have to be really laid out in step by step sequences, it makes them to understand better and it's close to the way they think no matter what age they are. So I decided to start with play-dough play sequence mats. Sometimes people want to start right away with all this play-dough kits and gadgets but the kids have no idea how to use them and end up using play-dough in their mouth or other things.
So I decided to start a collection of play-dough sequence mat and this my first one.

There are about 9 pages and it's FREE. You can download here.
Soon I will see if I start to recording a video on how to use those. 

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