Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Independent Activity Schedule

It's  a fact that independent activity schedule works for any kid, but specially for kids with Autism. As soon the child is in a program is the first thing they start to set up so the child can learn to do independent tasks and learn to play by themselves.
I believe a lot in this system even for typical children how often children get so dependent on us to play. Also for older kids you can include harder tasks that will help their concentration. I would start small here I started with 4 bins although in school he does more at home is always a  different scenario. Also
in the case of Autistic kids takes them off of that doing nothing because they don't know how to play.

There are many resources that can help I think the first and very detailed one on how to set up and use is

I think is great for you to set up the whole thing.
After that we need ideas on what kind of activities, I try to put activities that will improve all areas, so I use activities for fine motor skills, gross motor skills visual perception and so on.. We can talk more about this. But there is books that also have great ideas.

Another name people call activity schedule is shoe box activities because this containers kind of are the size of a shoe box

Many activities we can do ourselves doing file folder style activities

That we can laminate and do ourselves. Here is a great post with some ideas.

Lacing beads. matching, color matching, pop beads, fine motor skills activities, puzzles, sequence, patterns and goes on depends on the level of the child more they learn more you can make it harder.

Here is another website with tons of ideas.
I think what I 've noticed is that more you have experience more you know what types of toys or activities work for IAS.


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