Thursday, January 3, 2013

Video Modeling 1 Blocks Farm

Video Modeling is something we are starting to do for my son, it's my try to help him to learn how to play and acquire play skills, in his case I think we have a good shot because he is so visual and really like videos.
Many published articles have been written about some studies with video modeling with many successful stories. The research is not in grand scale yet but I think this technique is really valid and it doesn't cost anything to try. Video Modeling is used a lot to teach also social skills.
I have a professional ABA and PHD in Special Needs help me with it.  I can't wait to do more and start using them.

At first I'm using blocks my son has a really hard time using them, no wonder, blocks are fun but you have to have pretend play skills and imagination to use it. So to even get he started I'm starting with this great set from Lego which I did a review before.

I did a video modeling for the book but I won't show because copyright issues with the book, I'm really not sure if you can show contents of a book in the internet. But later I will show how you can record that.


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