Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Book Review - Step Ahead of Autism

After a long break without buying any new books after reading a lot and being frustrated sometimes with some books we find out there, I was at Barnes & Nobles and pick up this book after seeing the table of contents. I just wish I read this book a long long time ago and I highly recommend if you are new or old in this journey. This book definitely tell you things straight forward very fast reading (just over 100 pages) and it's divided by the steps we need to take in our journey. I totally agree and now like her will be putting these over my house so I won't forget, maybe some we already been dealt with others maybe we will. She has a very positive encounter and tell some stories but outline things in detail for you.
Here are the steps detailed in this book:

Assess your Attitute
Assert your Authority

Also a nice chapter putting steps in practice . The Author is the fouder of Alleviate Autism.
in my opinion a must read.

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