Thursday, May 31, 2012

New great iPad apps

I have found some great new apps for the iPad great educational apps for kids with Autism or not.

ABC house

What is nice about this app is that is not the regular boring pictures for ABC it opens a full board with the alphabet and each letter has many videos  that letter or sometimes some kind of interaction life F has Fireplace and you have to light up the fireplace. Sometimes it has video like the refrigerator has pictures and   has a video showing a refrigerator. So it makes really a surprise to each letter and the child doesn't know what to expect and makes it fun. For S has a video with a song for washing our hands with soap and also the kid can swipe the sofa to show a dog on the sofa. Really fun.

Another great and Free one is

It has the Mickey Mouse clubshouse song and Mickey interact with the user you have to answer it has a mic that waits for your answer than after the songs and after the intro many activities and each activity starts with nice songs or interactions for the inpatients  like my son the introductions can be long but  for free just the fact that he gets so happy with the songs is enough but again it's free and it's worth the try.

And for the Thomas lovers Thomas activities is a favorite so far here, specially because my son loves puzzles, the app is free and comes with a free package of activities but than if you want more you have to buy other packages.
Every package comes with puzzles each have 2 levels and coloring sheets and matching games.
The puzzles have 2 levels easy and hard. And they show a video after completion which my son enjoys a lot. I just wish we could print the coloring sheets as well. But it's a great one for Thomas' lovers.

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