Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Internet helping with ideas to teach

It's no news today that the internet is a great resources for us parents to help our kids, recently one that has been the best kept resources of links and visual ideas for me in Pinterest.
Think as the source of visual pins and bookmarks but the great thing about Pinterest is that we can categorize and also follow boards from other people that have been pining things that we like.
In my never ending to acquire ideas for Lucas and Autism therapy I made a board Autism Therapy, which you can follow as well. HERE, of course you can follow all my other boards but this is to give a example of the power of the internet nowadays for parents in participating more actively of their children treatments. Ideas are never enough many time I know something that I see is not right for Lucas right now because of his age but I know as he grow older he will need different things.
So browse Pinterest and have fun !

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